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Petzel at Nanzuka

Simon Denny, Sarah Morris, Joyce Pensato, Seth Price, Dirk Skreber, Hiroki Tsukuda, Nicola Tyson

November 23 – December 22, 2017

Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Petzel at Nanzuka, Installation view
Joyce Pensato, Snowball Mickey
Dirk Skreber, Untitled (NSA Berlin 1981)
Hiroki Tsukuda, The Needle and the Damage Done
Hiroki Tsukuda, Untitled
Nicola Tyson, Standing Figure #5
Nicola Tyson, The Grin
Joyce Pensato, Majestic Batman
Joyce Pensato, Felix on the Run 1
Joyce Pensato, Felix on the Run 2
Joyce Pensato, Felix on the Run 3
Simon Denny, Blockchain Future State Fintech Gamer Case Mod Deal Toy: Augur x Ethereum
Simon Denny, Blockchain Future State Fintech Gamer Case Mod Deal Toy: Backfeed x Ethereum
Simon Denny, 8_BNY Mellon
Sarah Morris, Italia [São Paulo]
Seth Price, Logo Test Scrap
Seth Price, Mascot Test Scrap 

Nanzuka and Petzel Gallery are pleased to present, Petzel at Nanzuka, a group exhibition featuring works by Simon Denny, Sarah Morris, Joyce Pensato, Seth Price, Dirk Skreber, Hiroki Tsukuda, and Nicola Tyson.
The New Zealand born, Berlin-based artist, Simon Denny, who exhibited his first solo show in Asia earlier this year at OCAT, Shenzen, China, exhibits three sculptures that explore Blockchain, the technology that underpins the digital currency Bitcoin. The sculptures, each composed of diverse media including Plexiglas, wood, and LEDs, examine how Blockchain could shape future societies and scrutinize competing views about the ways technology should evolve.
Futurism similarly threads through the work of Sarah Morris. Known for her unique use of vivid color and grid-like geometric shapes, Morris’ Italia [São Paulo] (2015), represents this American artist’s quintessence. Rendered in household gloss paint on canvas, Morris’ work uses reduced and expanded abstractions to examine and reveal the multilayered identity of her chosen geographical location, in this case São Paulo, Brazil. Morris’ architectural and sociopolitical examinations include New York, Rio, and Beijing, among others.
Brooklyn, New York native, Joyce Pensato, has for many years engaged with the expressive power of cartoon and comic book characters. Her large-scale enamel paintings as well as her smaller charcoal drawings show iconic figures such as Batman, Mickey Mouse, and Homer Simpson. For Nanzuka, Pensato exhibits new paintings and drawings, which capture not only the illustrative figuration of Pop Art, but also the gestural physicality of Abstract Expressionism.
Logo Test Scrap (2015) and Mascot Test Scrap (2015), the two works on display by American artist Seth Price, showcase the artist’s long-standing interest in the distribution and dispersion of images and the experimental methods of production. The application of repeating logos is ‘tested’ in both works, hinting at the artist’s practice while referencing Price’s exploration of security envelopes and reinterpretation of existing images. These works also feature the artist’s mascot of sorts, a hermaphroditic cartoon face wielding a pencil and a wry smile, which first debuted in works from this series.
German born, New York-based artist Dirk Skreber will debut two new works at Nanzuka. Painted on aluminum, each diptych takes two corresponding images and places one atop another. With an almost filmic air, the image alternates from one ambiguous frame to the next, showing a grounded but running aircraft in one diptych and a cluster of radomes from former military listening stations built in Germany during the Cold War in the other. Meanwhile, rectilinear bands and spherical interventions appear from beneath the painted surface to further obfuscate the picture as a whole.
Contradictions of a different sort can be seen in the work of Hiroki Tsukuda, whose first museum show was exhibited at Neuer Aachener Kunstverein in Aachen, Germany earlier this year. Within Tsukuda’s complex three-dimensional installation, and through the layering of collected, found, and common materials, the artist creates in reality the parallel world of his own imagining—a fusion of past, present, and future. Tsukuda’s intricate ink and charcoal drawings envision a pictorial world that demonstrates the artist as an archaeologist of images.
For British born, New York-based Nicola Tyson drawing is a distinct practice: “When I begin to draw, I have no idea what’s going to appear. I work swiftly, to stay just ahead of the cage of language, the linear mind and rational decision-making. I just let the forms grow themselves—self-organize…” Tyson’s new, never-before-exhibited painting, The Grin, portrays a giant head rising up from a patch of landscape, featuring a small pool of water. The huge grinning face appears to gaze at its own image in the pool, but all we see is the blue of the reflected sky. Another smaller head emerges from the top of its head—like a fleshy bump—and gazes at us directly.
Together, these seven artists investigate salient topics that pervade today’s society. The reinterpretation of images and the exploration of potential futures, combined with a variety of working methods, produce a diverse body of works that hope to individually reshape the current society that we live in today.
Nanzuka is located at Shibuya Ibis bldg. #B2F, 2-17-3 Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan. Gallery hours are Tuesday–Saturday, 11am–7pm.


この度、NANZUKAはニューヨークの著名な現代美術ギャラリーPetzelとの合同企画展「Petzel at NANZUKA」を開催致します。本展は、Petzel所属のサイモン・デニー、サラ・モリス、ジョイス・ペンサトー、セス・プライス、ニコラ・タイソンの他、両ギャラリーに共通して所属をしているダーク・スクレバー、佃弘樹を加えた合計7人のアーティストによるグループ展となります。


こういった未来主義的な思考は、鮮明な色彩と格子状の幾何学形態を独特な方法で絵画に用いるサラ・モリスの作品にも通じています。本展に出展されるモリスの「São Paulo」(2015)は、このアメリカ人アーティストの真髄を象徴している作品の1つです。キャンバス上に光沢塗料で表現されたモリスの作品は、彼女が選んだ地理的な場所における多層構造を抽象的に増大したり縮小したりすることで、その本質を解き明かそうとしています。こうしたモリスの建築学的あるいは社会政治学的な調査は、サンパウロの他、ニューヨーク、リオデジャネイロ、そして北京など多数に及びます。


アメリカ人アーティスト、セス・プライスの作品「Logo Test Scrap」(2015)と「Mascot Test Scrap」(2015)は、プライスが長年の間寄せているイメージの流通や分散、製作上の実験的なメソッドといったことへの関心の見本のような作品です。繰り返し用いられるロゴの有効性が「テスト」されている両作品は、プライスの保護封筒シリーズに見られるような既存イメージの再解釈に関する調査研究について、そのヒントを仄めかしています。また、これらの作品には、この作家のマスコット的キャラクターである両性具有の生物が巧みに鉛筆を握り、皮肉な笑みを浮かべている姿が漫画調で描かれています。このキャラクターは本シリーズが製作されて以降、アーティストの作中に頻繁に登場しています。


今年の9月にドイツのアーヘンにあるNAK(Neuer Aachener Kunstverein)にて、初となる美術館での個展を開催した佃弘樹は、ありふれた素材、あるいはファウンド・オブジェクトを複雑に並べて構成するインスタレーションによって、自身の想像(過去、現在、未来の融合)の中に存在する平行世界を現実に作り上げます。また、自ら収集した様々なイメージの複雑な組み合わせによって構成されるインクのドローイング作品は、同時にイメージの考古学とも言える側面を孕んでいます。

イギリスに生まれ、ニューヨークを拠点にするニコラ・タイソンのドローイングは、これらのアーティストたちとは全く別の実践のもと作られた作品です。「描き始めの時点では、そこに何が現れるか見当がつかない。私は、言葉の檻や着実な思想、論理的決断から脱する為に素早く行動する。私は単に、形の成長を形自身(自己組織化)に委ねる、、、」と語るタイソンの「The Grin」は巨大な頭が小さな水溜りのある風景の隙間から現れる作品です。本作品では、その大きな頭が水溜りに映る自身を見て笑みを浮かべているのですが、この作品を見ている私たちには、水溜りに青い空が写っているようにしか見えません。


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