The Feverish Library

Organized in cooperation with Matthew Higgs

537 W 22nd Street

September 6 – October 20, 2012

"Time Enough at Last"
The Twilight Zone

Installation View 1
From left to right: Josh Smith, Jorge Pardo, Matthew Brannon, John Latham, Heimo Zobernig

Installation View 2
Front: Wade Guyton
From left to right: Steven Baldi, Matthew Higgs, Guy de Cointet, Moyra Davey, Matthew Brannon

Installation View 3
Front: Allen Ruppersberg
From left to right: Mark Dion, Steve Wolfe, Sean Landers

Installation View 4
Front: Gavin Brown
From left to right: Martin Kippenberger, Jeremy Deller & Nicholas Abrahams, Anne Collier

Installation View 5
Front: Tauba Auerbach
From left to right: Rachel Whiteread, Candida Hoëfer

Installatin View 6
Front: Stephen Prina
From left to right: Wolfgang Tillmans, Robert Longo, Cindy Sherman, Carol Bove

Installation View 7:
Front: Richard Artschwager
From left to right: John Stezaker, Richard Prince, Stephen Prina

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