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Christian Jankowski


"Nothing is right on the (following) pages of this catalog. Everything is shaking--the optics, the habits of seeing, the certainties, the standards of quality, the terms of art. It is a book of "new painting," but we only see works of old masters. It is a book of "new painting,' but Christian Jankowski cannot paint at all. It is a book of "new painting", but it is actually about photography and about tableau vivants. In short: here, painting is not just about its beginnings and limitations, it also hurts our notion of what art is. So, it hurts, it's funny, it's weird, it's disturbing." - Florian Illies

Contributors: Markus Bertsch, Simon Elson & Florian Illies.

Language: German

Published by Grisebach, 2018, Berlin. 

Linen hardcover; 8.2 x 0.8 x 12.1 inches.

ISBN: 978-3960983453